Video Advertising

Video Advertising

Most businesses are confused whether or not to begin a video advertising campaign. The fact is that, if you are not using video as a part of your marketing strategy, you will be pushed behind in the competition. It’s simply because your customers are now watching more videos. According to recent statistics, 92% B2B prospects watch online video, about one-third of buyers watch a video ad, and almost 4 billion videos are watched on YouTube alone every day. The biggest e-commerce companies like eBay and Amazon report that adding a video to the product detail section increases the buying probability to 35%.

We are a leading video advertising agency that has a tight-knit team of experts, creative professionals, and talented people. We are proud to have helped many businesses to reach their goals by effective digital marketing. World Happiness Code is a preferred name in video advertising as we use the latest tools and technology to offer world-class digital products to our clients. Whether it is a corporate video, promotional video, or product video, our team of media experts assists you in everything from video production to campaign designing to ensure maximum success.

Video Ad Production

We began our journey in video production creating advertisements for broadcast television and commercial videos. Over the years, we rose to the position of one of the top video ad production companies in the market by offering affordable media products and competitive advertising strategies. We have associated with leading brands in the business to startups, creating unique ad campaigns that saw success. As commercial video production continues to be in high demand even after the popularity of digital media, we understand the importance of a great 30 seconds commercial that can change the face of your business.

Video Marketing

As people are choosing video content over other digital media, it is imperative that you make use of video marketing and understand the lasting impression video creates and how it can boost your business. The modern era demands more value to their time, and thus, implementing video to your digital marketing strategy can promote user engagement and customer loyalty. We help you create stunning videos that highlight your business offerings, USPs and future goals. Our creative team conducts research on your target audience before creating catchy and effective videos. We then help you publicize it efficiently through top-notch online marketing services.

Film Production

We are renowned to offer top-quality film production services for clients across the world. We have associated with leading filmmakers, media outlets, and businesses over the years and have delivered a diverse body of work. With a team of experienced staff, we ensure that all the filmmaking processes runs smoothly, and with the latest technology we promise you the best outputs. Our company takes care of all the processes from concept creation, scripting, location hunt, editing, etc. and you can be rest assured of a good quality film. We offer fully customizable services through all the faces of production, and take your input throughout the filmmaking process – to deliver the best quality films.

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